The 20 Funniest Video Game Parody Twitter Accounts

video game parody twitter

Given the convoluted lore and ridiculous connections in both video games and the video game industry at large, parody accounts of characters and key members of the industry are rife with hilarious insight and effective satire. From Donkey Kong to Resident Evil, here’s the top 20 video game parody Twitter accounts from around the web.

20. Diddy Kong

The nephew of the current Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong is the Scrappy Doo to Donkey Kong’s Scooby Doo. First appearing the classic Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong really came into his own in the Nintendo 64 racer Diddy Kong Racing, which featured characters who went on to star in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise and the Conker series.

19. Cranky Kong

The original Donkey Kong from the original Donkey Kong arcade game , Cranky Kong is the grandfather of the current Donkey Kong, having retired and passed on the mantle to his grandson, who put on a tie with his namesake written on it and a grew a dangerously large brain tumor, just to change things up a bit. Cranky’s shtick is breaking the fourth wall and giving ridiculous and not always helpful advice, kind of like a senile old crotchety grandfather would.

18. Chris Redfield

One of two playable characters in the original Resident Evil, Chris Redfield is a field agent with a heart of gold and the muscles to match, who is known for exterminating zombies with extreme prejudice. He has gone on to play a major role in many other Resident Evil titles.

17. Albert Wesker

The main antagonist in much of the Resident Evil franchise, Albert Wesker originally betrayed long-time nemesis Chris Redfield and partner Jill Valentine in the first Reisdent Evil franchise. He later became a eugenicist, virologist and bioterrorist, and was a true force of reckoning until his death in Resident Evil 5. Before his death, he had a son, Jake Muller, that is a major character in Resident Evil 6.

16. Kaz Hirai

The CEO of Sony, Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai is one of the most powerful executives in the entertainment industry, and was instrumental in the continued success of the generations of Playstation products. He’s a leading figure in the games industry, and one that has plenty to say to promote Sony.

15. Pokemon

Anyone who hasn’t heard of the original 150 Pokemon either lives over a rock, or is well over 30. Poke fun at Pokemon all you want, but they’re still one of the biggest franchises to ever come out of Japan.

14. Peter Molyneux

Known as a prominent game designer for such hits as Black and White, and such duds as the Fable franchise, Peter Molyneux is known for making promises that he just isn’t able to keep. The account is run by Adam Capone, a big fan of Molyneux. The account ended up inspiring the real Peter Molyneux to leave Microsoft and start his own games company, so for all its tragic-comedy it did quite a bit of good for Molyneux’s career.

13. David Abrams (Cheapy D)

Owner and operator of CheapAssGamer, Cheapy D is a game industry personality who helps gamers find the best bang for their buck when it comes to buying games. His voice and likeness also appeared in Saints Row: The Third, immortalizing him as the ‘cheap ass gamer’ that he is.

12. Reggie Fils-Aime

The President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime became a celebrity within the games industry at E3 2004, where he stepped on stage and proclaimed “My name is Reggie. I’m about kickin’ ass, I’m about takin’ names, and we’re about makin’ games.” His antics as marketing director and now President and COO of Nintendo of America defies Nintendo’s more family-friendly image and many fans have affectionately dubbed him the “Regginator”.

11. Call of Duty Dog

While we quite enjoyed Riley the Attack Dog in our Call of Duty: Ghosts preview, the Internet seems to think the concept is quite silly. Riley has blown up as an Internet meme, and this is probably one of the better representations of the character on Twitter.

10. Indie Developers

Indie Developers have a propensity for having unbridled ambition with an extremely limited budget, making the games that they want to make without regard for the commercial or product potential of their game. Given that their games often do not connect with audiences (although there are certainly many great indie hits), this account pokes fun at the mentality behind the creation of their games.

9. Ash Ketchum

The original Pokemon master, Ash Ketchum is a character that most Pokemon fans should be familiar with. From his unencumbered enthusiasm for Pokemon training and battling, to his extremely youthful age, Ash is a quirky adventurer that pals around with his buddy Pikachu on adventures far and wide.

8. Charizard

A Pokemon with severe abandonment issues, Ash’s Charizard is a stalwart, lazy and powerful figure in Ash’s lineup, who has come in and out of his rotation in later iterations of the franchise.

7. Samus Aran

A space-faring bounty hunter, Samus Aran is the long-standing protagonist of the Metroid franchise, which has over a dozen games under its belt. Imposing, silent and powerful (except for the horrible Metroid: Other M), Samus is one tough lady that no one in the galaxy should mess with.

6. Commander Shepard

The user-created hero of the Mass Effect franchise, Commander Shepard is a ship commander that ultimately becomes tasked with saving the galaxy. How that mission goes is up to the player, but Shepard and his/her crew make it on hell of a ride.

5. Garrus Vakarian

Commander Shepard‘s most loyal squadmate, Garrus Vakarian is a security officer turned vigilante, and a shift in his personality in the second Mass Effect is pretty apparent. On the verge of suicidal, Garrus is one badass who can shoot his way out of any hostile situation.

4. Luigi

The younger brother of Super Mario, Luigi has lived in his brother’s shadow for much of his life. That is, until he gained a starring role in Luigi’s Mansion, where he gets the opportunity to become a Ghost-buster, and differentiate himself from his older brother.

3. Princess Daisy

The answer to Mario’s Princess Peach, Princess Daisy is the ruler of Saras Land, and has been romantically linked to Luigi (although unlike Mario and Peach, it hasn’t been made official). While similar to Peach in many ways, Daisy is a bit more independent-minded than Peach, and doesn’t need a fat plumber to rescue in nearly every game appearance.

2. Kratos

The God of War himself, Kratos is a brutal Greek hero (hero being an ambiguous term in this case) who stars as the main character of the God of War franchise. Kratos has an emotional and blood-splattered journey through the Age of Mythology, and his path is one of death, destruction, and atonement.

1. Zangief

A massive beast of a man, the Street Fighter Zangief weighs in 254 lbs. and stands over 7 feet tall. A patriotic Russian, Zangief sports a heavy smattering of chest hair and shin hair and a tough and competitive personality, which he utilizes in his unique Russian/American hybrid wrestling style.