5 Wild Videos You’ve Never Seen

Video is everywhere on the internet, but we sifted through the garbage to give you the wildest, craziest and most awe-inspiring clips online that you’ve never seen. There’s break dance innovators, conversations with toddlers, acrobatic Russian construction workers, a BMW fail and a firework display– all guaranteed to knock your socks off.

5. Insane breakdancing has people looking like a tilt-a-whirl.

This defies gravity.

This one starts off a little slow, but the last thirty seconds are just incredible. These guys not only have some of the tightest moves ever, but they did things I’ve never seen. Three guys link up and swing in a huge arc using centrifugal force to defy gravity. Right after that, a dude pretends to be a gyroscope, enjoy.

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4. Grown man impersonates a toddler

and becomes a pedophile’s worst nightmare.

Conversations with a 2 year old is a new web series on Youtube that has me rolling with laughter. The concept for this web series is bonkers: a father shows interactions he’s had with his two-year-old daughter, but the catch is that she’s played by a grown man. Anyone that has had any interaction with a toddler will get a kick out of this. The acting is great and there are a few more episodes available, but I was hungry when I picked this one. So, here’s “The Cookie”.

3. Does Cirque du Soleil have actors do construction in the off season?

An average guy gets dangerously acrobatic to save a minute

Russian construction companies apparently try some weird things for moving gravel up a building. A man fills a bucket, climbs up a rickety ladder to grab a rope and drops all the way down to safety. A few seconds of using a pulley would have minimized this risk, but then that wouldn’t be any fun. Or dangerous.

2. BMW does a barrel roll down a cliff and the driver amazingly survives

Too bad his dignity didn’t.

Want a relaxing ride through the hills of California? Too bad. This guy forgot you have to use the brakes to turn. See how many times he rolls down the cliff.

1. Firework Display that Thailand’s government doesn’t want you to see.

The tourism department would take a major hit.

The clip starts with people walking through a firework waterfall at a big party. It looks like they were setting them off way too low so the show would look better. Soon after, disaster is barely averted when the fireworks start to fire off into the crowd, then abruptly turn back to the skies.

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