What Does Click & Collect Mean?

Click & Collect: Buy Something Online, Pick It Up Offline

The mail kind of sucks. For one, you have to pay for a dude to bring a thing to your house. That ain’t cheap. I mean, we get it, he has kids, a dog, and someone has to do it, so it should cost money to get your new blender delivered to your doormat, but what if there was a way we could cut that guy out of the picture altogether?

Pick It Up From a Dude at a Store Who Already Has It

Instead of paying a dude to snag your thing and drive it in his truck to your abode, why not just go to the place where it’s already at? Perfect. The idea of click and collect is simple: the mail sucks, so get it yourself. Another perk is that you are guaranteed to get your thing, since you know you already own it.

Usage Examples

• Just bought a dog using click and collect, I’m gonna wait till he’s one-year-old to pick him up.
• I bought all the kids’ Xmas presents using click and collect so I can get into debt way faster and more efficiently.
• I have been seriously tempted to kill my mailman, so now I just use click and collect!

Another version of Click & Collect is buying food online and getting take-out.


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