What Does Derp Mean?

Derp: A Word That Represents Non-Sense.

Derp is a great little filler word to use when you’re making fun of someone or the content of what they’re saying doesn’t matter. Also, feel free to add in any myriad of rhyming words like “herp, berp, gurp, lurp, slurp” to give your speaker speaking meaninglessness some variety in their inanity.

Usage Examples:

• Whenever I talk to Dingo, the dog trainer, all I hear is derp.
• I flushed your dog down the toilet. What can I say besides, well, derp.
• Eh, English 101 is a pretty easy class, you just get a piece of paper and write derp on it.

Example Picture:

Being in love with someone is mostly about saying the right kids of derp.


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