Graph Search Goes Live: Facebook Users Fear for Privacy


The excited CEO introduced Graph Search earlier this year (Getty)

The Graph Search, Facebook’s newest vision for the future, is now available for users with English selected as their native language.

With Graph Search, introduced about eight months ago, the social media conglomerate is continuing its dedication to create ways to mine data that personally resonate with you. Facebook search practically morphs your page into a hub of information.

Users can find almost anything they want through the graph. Users can literally input a number of random queries to return a vast amount of refined suggestions in case something else catches your interest.

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Graph Search raises one primary concern: privacy. The tool essentially leaves profiles wide open for strangers to find unless privacy settings are adjusted. On Facebook’s personal blog, the company acknowledged that the community should investigate their settings:

As a reminder, we introduced new privacy controls back in December and announced that we would be retiring the old “who can look up my timeline by name?” setting in the coming months. Now that people have had an opportunity to explore those tools, we are starting to retire this setting for the small percentage of people that use it.

Updates to this will be coming in the future, but this development eradicates a crucial element of Facebook’s profile settings. While they emphasize that profiles can acquire this feature for English speakers, it seems as if anyone can alter their settings to gain the graph search. This announcement could be in response to Google’s unveiling of a deeper search function. With the presentation detailing their redesign of the newsfeed, Zuckerberg is guiding Facebook toward a more personalized data approach. The firm prides itself on personality, but Facebook’s new addition could be vulnerable to more privacy criticisms as time goes on.

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