What’s a Food Baby?

Food Baby: When One’s Stomach is so Filled With Food, They Look Pregnant

Sometimes you eat a lot, and you feel gross afterward. When you have a food baby, it is not one of those times. When you have a food baby, you ate so much, you forced your stomach to physically extend itself, so much so, it appears that you have a baby inside of you. To give you an idea, the average baby weighs something like 16 pounds. So, that means you literally ate 16 pounds. You are so utterly disgusting to your friends, family, and even a few dead relatives that you never even met. Anyway, don’t feel too bad, we’ve all had food babies, and fortunately, when you overload your body in this awful manner (you know you regret it), your bod opts to simply pass all that stuff right through you. That is not a nutritional fact, but rather, a profound warning.

Usage Examples

• Oh man, I am never going to Outback again; I have a food baby of twins!
• Is there more food, baby? I’m trying to get a food baby so that you won’t try to kiss later.
• I had a food baby so large once my stomach exploded violently and killed my bird, Stephen Hawking.

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