A Guilty Cat and 4 Other Funny YouTube Videos You Need to See Today

Another day, another swath of YouTube videos. In this daily series, we sort the funny from the not-so-funny and provide you with the chuckles, yucks, and general lols you want in these videos you need to see. Why? Because it’s fun. And the Internet can be a good time, as long as you don’t fall into the “weird part of YouTube.” Did you miss the funny yesterday? See yesterday’s picks here.

5. Alien Invasion Prank. People Getting Scurred.

Nothing like watching a HUGE dude get terrified by a cheesy fake alien costume.

4.Straight Gay Men, Gay Straight Men

So many great lines here. Yes, you might have to watch it twice to get it all because he has a thick Aussie accent.

3. Cat Makes Guiltiest Face Ever

You know what you did is wrong, kitty. Well, apparently you know that. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me.

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2. A Classic Goes Viral: Hilarious Japanese Hidden Camera Show Uses Crowds to Terrify People

Run. For. Your. Life.

1. Why Problem Make When You No Problem Have You Don’t Want to Make?

The brilliance behind amazing grammatical ineptitude.

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