What is Geek Chic?

Geek Chic: A Fashion Style From the Aughts (2000s) Where People Looked Intentionally Nerdy Sporting Big Glasses, Suspenders, Pocket Protectors, and Trousers.

Not to be confused with Greek Sheikh, an Arabic elder born in Greece

While this term is tied to a particular historical trend, it can more generally mean anything that is geeky or nerdy, but is also cool and stylish. For instance, sporting a video game tattoo that isn’t lame, or wearing a Mario Hat that is somehow fashionable. Essentially, geek culture has become more and more mainstream with time so really, geek chic is more mainstream than it is avant garde, though at the time, it did stand out.

Usage Examples:

• I’m dressing geek chic to the prom by sporting the Master Sword.
• Geek chic is a terrible way to dress if you’re trying to embarrass your old high school bully.
• The boys all opted to dress geek chic to intrigue the Harvard girls.


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