What Does LDR Mean?


LDR = Long Distance Relationship

If you don’t know what a long distance relationship is, it’s when you and another person decide to remain a “couple,” but are geographically separated, hence the “long distance.” You can mitigate the misery of being separated from your significant other by using a webcam, frequent flights back and forth, and cheating on them.

Now, can LDRs work in your favor? Some would say so. I have a friend who has been in an LDR for two years and claims it works great. It makes him more productive and whenever he does see his significant other, they spend very meaningful time together. Still, speaking from personal experience, I like to actually BE WITH my significant other. So, if you’re like me, and you enjoy the physicality and mutual, shared experience aspects of a relationship rather than the trust and more “talk-on-the-phone stuff,” you probably want to avoid an LDR.

Still, when the logistics of two peoples’ lives don’t match, an LDR is always an option. Worst case scenario is that you give it a fair shot and it doesn’t work, and then you kill her new boyfriend in a year when old feelings come back.

Look, I’m just here to give you the facts. It’s a long distance relationship. Yes, I cried when I broke up with my girlfriend after I hated our LDR. No big deal, we got back together the next day. You can do this too, but hey, just from one dude to another person, it’s not a great way to be in a relationship because well, we’re physical beings.

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