Vin Diesel Kicks Ass: 10 More Reasons Why the ‘Riddick’ Star Rocks

Riddick, vin diesel, red carpet

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Vin Diesel’s newest flick, Riddick, comes out Friday, September 6, 2013.

The movie is the third in the Chronicles of Riddick live-action series and features Diesel reprising his role as Richard Riddick, an escaped convict turned survivalist on an alien planet.

Sound kick-ass?

It should. It’s Vin Diesel we’re talking about.

Below are 10 other reasons why Vin Diesel kicks ass. From his early work as a voice actor to his reverence for role-playing board games, there are definitely things about this bass-voiced brute you’re gonna find surprising.

10. He Voiced the Iron Giant in the 1999 Film The Iron Giant

IRON GIANT Vin Diesel Voice OverRight before his ground breaking role in Saving Private Ryan, Vin did this voice over directed by Brad Bird who went on to work on Pixar movies.2009-04-03T23:18:43.000Z

Before becoming Richard Riddick and Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel was the Iron Giant.

Although voicing the role only consisted of grunts and short phrases of Frankenstein’s monster’s English, his low, mellifluous bass is easily identifiable now that “Vin Diesel” is a household name.

Watch the short “behind the scenes” clip of Diesel sharing his experience of the project above.