5 YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 8.26.13

Another day, another bunch of viral YouTube videos. In this daily series, we provide you with the viral videos you need to see. Why? Because they’re trendy, awesome, funny, newsworthy, and you don’t want to be the one with the blank stare when they come up in conversation. Oh, and if you’re a day behind, you can view yesterday’s videos here!

5. Taylor Swift Reacts to Miley Cyrus During Blurred Line Performance

Hint: She pretty much reacts how anyone would. Cringing.

4.Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on Accordion

Wow, this kid can really jam. He is working those fingers.

3. USC Kid Kills it at FreeStyle Rapping

This kid’s whiter than whole milk, but wow, fool can rap.

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2. Scott Dixon Takes Out Pit Crew Member At GoPro Grand Prix

Looks like he was fine, but still, a ridiculous accident you don’t see much in the world of pro racing.

1. Greenpeace Pranks Shell Beautifully at Their Grand Prix

This has it all: politics, ingenuity, hilarity, messing with corporations, and it was all done extremely cheaply. Whether or not you agree with environmental politics, you have to give it to Greenpeace for infiltrating a HUGE Shell PR event with their remote control banners promoting themselves. A lot of people saw this, much to Shell’s frustration.

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