Is This Even Legal? Guy Straps Go-Pro to Eagle [VIDEO]

Check out this amazing video that proves what everyone has always suspected: flying is awesome. It’s clear that the only way this could be done is with a trained bird, so we don’t recommend strapping your Go Pro onto a random pigeon. In any case, this is a great use of technology and we can finally answer the question “what’s it like to be a bird” with some real evidence. I’m sure being a bird is actually mostly awful (I’ll take my one bedroom over a nest, thanks), but the flying part, holy wow — thoroughly good.

Also, I was kidding about the legal part, at least, I became kidding after realizing the bird was obviously trained. It is legal to own a Go-Pro and put it on your bird, I reckon, as long as it’s not torturing the creature. It seems in this video that the eagle is merely a bit creeped out (understandable), but that seems well within the bounds of the law. Anyway, none of this is legal advice, just watch the video.

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