WATCH: Handfeeding a Dragon Fly, the Cutest Bug Video Ever

We have all seen dragonflies, but who can ever say they held one, let alone fed one? This video which is currently trending on reddit depicts a dragonfly shot very close-up on a high aperture lens (hence the large amount of blue) shows a pretty (and also somewhat terrifying) dragonfly being fed by its captor.

Now, while the dragonfly in the YouTube video doesn’t seem to be under too much duress, or trying to escape, one YouTube user mentioned that the dragonfly could no longer fly saying:

Sorry to tell you guys but those lines on his wings are blood vessels that were filled to straighten the wings out, then dried and hardened. His wings will never heal, and he will never fly again. Poor guy ):

Unfortunate to hear, but at least he has found some good caretakers.

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