This Product Lets You Do Number 2 With the Door Open

Taking a number 2 is dirty and smelly business.

What if you’re at your friend’s house? Or even worse, your significant other’s? Well, with this product, you might just be able to leave the door open — at least in terms of smell (admittedly, leaving the door open while number 2ing is weird for other reasons).

It’s called Poopourri, and according to the manufacturers, it’ll make your number deux smell like number delicious. For real. Here’s a diagram from their website:


The basic idea is simple: oils and aromas cover the surface of the water, and keep your number 2’s odors out of the air.


Now, you might be rolling your eyes. After all, if this was really a possible thing, wouldn’t it be more widespread? Wouldn’t this spray (and ones like it) be all over? After all, if there’s one thing everyone hates, it’s the smell of human waste. Despite the apparent unlikelihood of it all, something might make you believe the “poopla” (awful pun on hoopla, sorry).

These are the ratings of one of their products:

Impressive. Looks like a future of scentless poops is among us. It looks like at this point, actually does have a whole bunch of competitors for the folks at Poopourri, but they seem to be leading the pack, probably because of their hilarious viral commercial “Girls Don’t Poop.” Check it out below.

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