10 Funny & Bizarre Twerk Videos You Need to See

Twerking, the act of thrusting one’s buttocks rhythmically, is here to stay. If you want to learn how to twerk, we scoured the web for the most ridiculous videos of twerk-aholics for your education. While some will say that twerking is a passing phenomenon, the truth is that twerking has been with us since the dawn of mankind and it’s not going anywhere. It also appears that twerking isn’t just for humans, or for people who can do it safely and responsibly, which is probably a good thing for everyone on the internet. Learn how to twerk (and how not to twerk) from the following videos.

10. Girl Catches Fire While Twerking

How have you not seen this?

9. Football Player Twerks on Opponent

This is actually hot.

8. Horrifying and Bizarre Teletubbie Twerk


7. Twerking for Jesus

This is perfect.

6.Bulldog Twerks

Twerking transcends race, creed, religion, and species.

5.Captain Kirk and Star Trek Crew Watch Miley Cyrus Twerk


4. Cat Twerking Vine

Like I says: twerking is for any earthling at all.

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3. Worst Twerking Music Video Ever

But isn’t the worst twerking still better than pretty much anything else?

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2. Guerilla Twerking: Twerkers Terrify Random People


1. Morgan Freeman Reads Definition of Twerking

I mean Morgan Freeman can say anything and it’s awesome, but twerking is something special.

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