WATCH: UFO Spotted During Canadian Baseball Game

A UFO flew over a Canadian Minor League Baseball game that reportedly led to a team scoring 4 lucky wins, prompting the twitter hashtag “luckyUFO.” The winning team was the Vancouver Canadians, who were facing off against the Everett Aquasox. After the Canadians won, some accused them of receiving ‘cosmic intervention.’

Users attest to how crystal clear the UFO seems to be in the picture.

Despite some peoples’ certaintly and willingness to believe, some YouTube users found the craft to be implausibly extraterrestrial.

‘You guys are so gullible. Those EXACT colors are used on the majority of the RC air crafts available in stores. Even planes, real planes use those colors on each side of the wing.’Wake up… I believe in UFO’s, I truly do. But I’m not a f****** stupid, gullible, moronic person like the rest of you believing in everything.’

Whatever the case may be, what’s sure is that the UFO was present while the Vancouver Canadians, a highly uncreatively named team, won the game while the UFO was present. In this writer’s estimate, the craft is clearly very small and you can tell by how big it gets when the camera zooms. If the UFO was farther away, its size wouldn’t grow so much in the picture. Still, there’s no reason to think that it isn’t filled with tiny aliens.

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