150 of the Best Vines in the World

We’ve traversed deep into YouTube and Vine to find you the best Vine collections in the world. These 5 videos, and total of about 150 Vines, are a primo selection of the best Vine has to offer. Check them out.

1. Batdad’s Best Compilation

“When I’m fighting crime, I drive a Honda Odyssey. It gets better gas mileage.”

Batdad is that kind of funny anyone can laugh at. He’s just a dad being a dad with a Batman mask and a Batman voice. Also, he scares his wife a fair amount, and it’s all hilarious. The juxtaposition of his domestic commands with the gravity of a Batman mask and voice is what makes it work, over and over again.


“Ah choo!” “Are you serious?”

There’s plenty of funny Vine collections out there, but this one has a great variety of pain, weird moments, and various debauchery. I don’t think I will ever forget the grandma who cries like a baby, nor the kid who dives into a kiddie pool. I’m not sure that the juxtaposition does anything for me, but the quality of the Vines is plainly outstanding.

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3. Funniest Animal Vines

“Stop waving your banana in my face, I don’t even want it.”

Cats twerking, a frog in love with a blueberry, the saddest doggy paddle ever, Lil Bub — this video has everything. The funniest videos involve music and/or a monkey, but what makes these is the best is some of them are unbearably adorable. Ok, mainly Lil’ Bub, but if that cat doesn’t make you gush, then you will probably never experience true happiness.

4. Weirdest Vines

“How to shave your beard like a man.”

Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time makes an appearance among some hilarious clips. You gotta love the self-defeating raps and insane guy dancing on a car.

5. Jerome Jarr Compilation

“I see you cookie, sexy cookie!”

Pranking people is either hilarious or uncomfortable, and usually at it’s best, it’s both. Jerome knows how to ride the exact line of making people extremely uncomfortable and shy, but without really doing anything even vaguely awful to them. I mean, stealing a cookie, for instance, it’s rude, but it’s not really something you’re going to fight someone over. Singing in someone’s face is obnoxious, but it’s really only barely harassment. For these reasons, he’s one of the funniest Viners out there because he doesn’t really do anything too horrific, but then again, some of these people are truly disturbed by his singing and antics. Hilarious.

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