5 YouTube Videos With Over 100 Million Views That Will Make You Say “But, Why?”


We’ve all seen YouTube videos with outrageous view counts and wondered how and why such a dumb video of say, a girl twerking herself on fire, got 13 million views. Well, forget your Jimmy Kimmel pranks, these videos have 100 MILLION views. They have more views than America has children. They have more views than there are people in California. They have more views than there are stars in the universe. OK, just kidding, not that that many, but 100 million is still a huge number. How happy would you be you found 100 million dollars? Well, these videos found 100 million viewers and it’s for no real reason.

5.YouTube Title: The Best Sex Girl Boy

Views: 110M Likes: 28k Dislikes:17k

But, Why?

Young people (boys) search YouTube for “best sex.”


There’s no reason anyone should watch this even though technically, it is kind of, sort of, sexual. So it vaguely delivers on its title about 1% with its Italian (overdub?) and a girl bending in a bikini a few times. Also, there is a pretty funny part where the dude gets dragged through the sand and his erection draws a line in the sand. While I watched this in its entirety for the sake of completeness when writing this article, it was one of the worst 11 minutes of my life that didn’t involve it being humid out.

4. YouTube Title: An Experiment

Views: 252M Likes: 35k Dislikes:102k

But, Why?

Age. Cute girl showing a bit of cleavage in a bathroom. I don’t know, people.


Clocking in at 24 seconds, this video doesn’t make me nearly as mad the other ones since at least it’s easy to sit through. Perhaps the reason this video is so popular is because it involves the use of the classic YouTube trope ‘diet Coke and Mentos,’ maybe it’s the fact that the girl repeatedly says “lookie lookie lookie,” or something that people interpret to mean that (that’s what I thought, but it may be “nookie,” and it may mean something in a language I don’t know). In any case, there’s not a lot to say about this thoroughly unimpressive video with 252 million views, nothing except “BUT WHY?!”, but you get that.

Chair it. Cher it. Share it.

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3. YouTube Title: Best Sex Ever!!!

Views: 158M Likes: 71k Dislikes: 227k

But, Why?

The searching YouTube for sex thing again.


This video really starts off very terribly. It’s this girl going on and on about how she wants people to send her their “best sex ever” story. Fair enough, but I keep waiting for her to get to her amazing sex story and then she totally never does. In other words, people didn’t share this video all over the internet. Nope. Dudes typed in “best sex ever” into YouTube search and this is what they got. No one likes this video, because everyone who sees it was wanting something very specific and that was the best sex ever. In a move of perfectly awful terribleness, this doesn’t even take a sentence to describe her best sexual experience which would have made a lot of boys very happy, probably. Ok, I’ll just admit it, it would have made me very happy.

2. YouTube Title: The Duck Song

Views: 139M Likes: 440k Dislikes:60k

But, Why?…???


I remember hearing this joke as a kid, and yes, it’s a good joke, but is it worth 100 million views, or with advertising, $500,000? No. Even with a catchy song “waddle, waddle” behind it, I just don’t understand this video’s insane popularity. The animation is mediocre. Alright, you know what, the singing is pretty good, and I guess the acting behind the joke-telling is solid. I really can’t hate this video that much as it is definitely the best video of the 5, but it’s still pretty stupid. “Do you got any grapes?” Shut up.

1. YouTube Title: Girl and Horse – Great Bond

Views: 94M (6M short,but come on) Likes: 13k Dislikes:6k

But, Why?

It was put up in 2007 which is crazy old for YouTube. Lots of young girls like horses? No clue.


This video is super boring. It’s just a girl sitting with her horse and everyone is acting like the horse loves her. First of all, who cares? I mean look, I get it, some people LOVE horses, but what’s special about this horse and this girl, and they love each other? Ok wonderful, I’m farting rainbows, but I just don’t understand why this particular horse/love/girl video has 94 MILLION VIEWS. Fine, it’s not 100 million and I lied, but that’s still 30 million more than the number of votes Barack Obama got to become the most powerful person on the planet! Ridiculous.

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