The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 10.2.13

It’s October 2nd, 2013 and like any day, there are some hilarious YouTube videos floating throughout the internet’s infinite seas. Here, however, the wheat is sorted from the chaff, the eggs are sorted from egg substitute, and the donuts are sorted from the bagels. In not so many words, these are today’s funniest videos.

5. A Little Girls Cries Her Eyes Out Because of Her Brother’s Actions

So pure. So innocent. So disgusting. This girl is mad at her brother for flushing her poop.

4.Horse Really Likes Eating Cameraman’s Ear

This horse is being a real jackass.

3. Sober Dude Asks Drunk Girls About Pubic Hair

Awkward and revealing, but mostly awkward and hilarious.

2. Drive-Thru Prank – Skeleton Driver Version

These reactions will make you laugh your flesh off.

1. Conan Gets Rid of Non-Essential Staffers

The US government faces a serious furlough while Conan pokes fun at it starring the classically neurotic Jordan Schlansky.

Check out more funny videos here.

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