The 5 Funniest YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 10.3.13

It’s October 3nd, 2013 according to most sources and like most days, there are some hilarious YouTube videos floating about the internet’s infinite water. Here, however, the funnier, have been demarcated from the not-so-funny. There are no claims of objectivity, nor perfection, but rather the mere suggestion that one of these videos will definitely make you laugh at least once, even if you are dead. Ok, so in not so many words, these are today’s funniest videos. Here are last weeks, and here are Yesterday’s funny videos too.

5. Irishmen Apparently Beat Fallon to #hashtag, Did it Better (and First)

4.Tunnel of Love Animation Delivers (in a very wrong way)

3. Key and Peele’s “Terrorist Interrogation” Mocks American Aggression/Paranoia

2. David Mitchell Defends Himself When Asked How He Knows About Obsessive People Keeping Their Urine in Jars

1. Instant Date Prank Proves to be Among Funniest, Least Creepy Girl-Targeted YouTube Pranks

Check out more funny videos here.

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