WATCH: What the Moon Would Look Like if it Were as Close as the International Space Station

Youtuber YetiPC1 has posted this awesome video depicting what it would look like if the moon were much closer — at least strictly visually speaking. If the moon were actually this close, the moon probably wouldn’t look like anything to anyone because the tides would be massive, there would be more volcanoes, and it is very probable that earth and its satellite would collide ending the party for everyone.

Still, it is a beautiful and fascinating sight to behold. Many people find the fact that the same side of the moon always faces Earth to be very disconcerting. There’s something creepy about it, almost as if it’s a camera watching our every move. If the moon were much closer, this fact would be much weirder, but perhaps less scary since people would be able to make out so many details on the moon’s surface, whereas now it kind of looks like a weird guy’s face.

Check out the video above and be sure to investigate more of YetiPC1‘s videos including if the moon were replaced with some of our planets, and how much the US national debt grows daily.

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