Talented Artist Can Draw Photograph Quality Bag of Chips [VIDEO]

How to draw and color a chips bag3d illusion drawing time lapse: How to draw and color a bag of Fonzies chips (Italian version of Twisties), mixed media on gray paper by Marcello Barenghi – Italian Art http://www.marcellobarenghi.com MUSIC by Kirill Khursey please feel free to visit https://soundcloud.com/dj-khursey Support my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MarcelloBarenghi :) FINAL PICTURE: http://www.marcellobarenghi.com/2013/08/a-bag-of-fonzies-chips-drawing.html MY DRAWING TOOLS: http://www.marcellobarenghi.com/p/materials-used-for-my-drawing-video-on.html IT TOOK ME: 4 hours and 50 minutes Here in Italy, the famous Australian snack Twisties are called Fonzies. It's almost the same product, only baked not fried and the color is more pale. The Fonzies' slogan is "Se non ti lecchi le dita godi solo a metà" (If you don't lick your fingers you only half enjoy it). Italians often use the expression "finger-licking good" to describe a really delicious food.2013-08-24T14:54:09.000Z

Marcello Barenghi is an Italian artist and YouTuber who is all that and a bag of chips because he can seriously draw one.

This drawing took him 4 hours and 50 minutes according to Marcello, but it doesn’t really matter how long something this amazing takes. Check out the brilliant artist’s website here, and his YouTube here.

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