WATCH: Hilarious Video Makes Fun of Kickstarter Campaigns

On Kickstarters and SandwichesFor the original article, go here: Kotaku's Leo Wichtowski imagines a dream world in which Kickstarters were Sandwiches. Imagine how depressing that would be! Jeez, now I'm hungry. Music: Kevin Mcleod.2013-10-08T21:00:02Z

Kickstarter is a blessing and a curse.

On the curse side, this video promises us a new kind of sandwich, a sandwich that will change everything, but when the sandwich finally arrives, it just isn’t up to snuff. As they put it “”yeah, we were seeking a license for cheese, but those talks feel through.”

Still the website has successfully crowd-funded some amazing products including Ouya and Form 1, but we’ve all pledged our hard-earned money to projects that just didn’t pan out whether it be entirely or quality-wise.

“You’re lucky you got a sandwich at all. Really, when you think about it.”’s Popular Social Posts
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