Black Friday Crowds & Fights: Top 5 Must-See Videos

They’re not called “doorbusters” because people are politely entering the store.

On Black Friday, everyone wants the best deals, and that leads to mayhem, violence, and people acting crazy. Here’s 5 Must-See Videos of Black Friday gone mad.

It’s what you can expect, and what you should absolutely look out for.

5. Urban Outfitters 2011: The Flood Gates [0:38]

Urban opens its doors to a massive throng of people, all pushing their way into the store. While no one gets hurt, it sure isn’t hard to see how if one person falls, the crowd might not pick them back up, and that means someone’s getting running over.

4. Phily Residents Turn From Shoppers to Animals: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart employees struggle to maintain order and blare their beep-guns to no avail. “Back up! Back up! BAck up!” people scream in this nuthouse. Note that this is at Wal-Mart, which has a reputation at this point.

3. Screaming, Grabbing, and People Being Crushed at an Unknown Location (But It’s Probably Wal-Mart)

The source of this clip is unknown, but what is known is that there is high-pitched screaming almost immediately. There’s violence, and there’s injuries. This is absolutely crazy. There is a possibility it is not Wal-Mart, that much is true.

2. Woman Minorly Injures Crowd After Spraying Pepper Spray to Get What She Wants: an Xbox 360 #Target

Just kidding, this is totally at Wal-Mart. Haven’t you learned anything?

1. UFC at the Mall, the Dallas, Texas Town Showdown — The Gold Standard of Black Friday Meltdowns

This nightmare did not happen at Wal-Mart, but that in no way makes Wal-Mart any safer. Ridiculous.

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