Joey Graceffa, YouTube D-Bag, Strikes Again: Stole Gaming Channel Video Intro

Diva-bro Joey Graceffa is once again making headlines for how terrible he is.

YouTuber ThatsSoNathan tells the story above of Graceffa asking his fans to make a graphical introduction for one of his gaming channels. The trade off was simple: whoever made the best introduction would get a shout-out from Graceffa to his gaming channel fans, consisting of over 500,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Nathan (ThatsSoNathan) was eager to comply. At the time, he had only 1,000 followers, and if he could succeed in creating the introduction Joey wanted, he reckons he would receive around 5,000 followers from the agreed upon shout out.

ThatsSoNathan provided us with screenshot proof that he created Joey's gaming channel introduction.

ThatsSoNathan provided us with screenshot proof that he created Joey’s gaming channel introduction.

Graceffa reportedly worked with Nathan to tweak the introduction, and finally, they agreed on a final product. That final product, a crisply rendered After Effects animation, is now before every single video on Joey’s gaming channel.

One problem: Graceffa never complied. The shout-out never happened.

A screen shot straight from Graceffa's gaming channel clearly showing an identical introduction.

A screen shot straight from Graceffa’s gaming channel clearly showing an identical introduction.

Nathan bided his time, waiting patiently, but eventually it became clear: the shout out just wasn’t going to happen. So Nathan struck back with the only appropriate way to get at a YouTuber: using well, YouTube.

Nathan’s plea will likely be heard as after a mere 30 minutes in the Video Subreddit, a post with his video has 10 upvotes, meaning that it will likely hit the top of the front page, just like the last Joey Graceffa video did — except in that must-see video, another Nate talks smack to the YouTuber for CLEARLY blocking his driveway.

Let’s hope Joey gets his act together and gives Nathan the credit he deserves — and hopefully learns to park his car properly as well.

Additional Screenshots:

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