VIDEO: Super Grateful Kid Gets Halo & Xbox 360 for His Birthday

This touching video is currently trending on the videos subreddit, and for good reason: it’s really, really sweet.

If you’ve ever been a young kid pining for something so bad, this is the video for you. Nik, the boy in the video, REALLY wanted the Xbox 360 and had begged his parents for it. Unfortunately, money was tight — or so they told him. His mom says in the YouTube description:

We kept telling him money was tight & we couldn’t afford an xBox 360 or the game but “maybe we could rent it for you one weekend.”

Imagine Nik’s surprise when not only does the 360 show up with Halo 3, it’s pretty much the best version of that stuff you could ask for, including a Master Chief helmet. Whoa.

Also, it takes him awhile to fully understand that the Xbox 360 now belongs to him.

The video currently has over 100,000 views on YouTube and was posted in 2007.

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