Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2013: Top 10 Gifts You Need to Know

Here’s 10 great electronic, tech, and miscellaneous gifts for the men in your life. These Xmas items will bring joy to gentleman, dudes, and bros alike.

1. Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera With Full Mounting Kit Included – $99


2. Google Chromecast (Like Apple TV) – $34.99


3. Rebel T3 – $289


4. Kindle Fire HDX – $229


5. Swiss+Tech, Micro-Max 19-in-1 Key Ring Multi-Function Pocket Tool – $9.49

Every guy likes to have a versatile tool solution available, even if they already have one, a back-up really doesn’t hurt.

6. Magnesium Fire Starter – $3.99

Dudes love fire, and they love a challenge. Guarantee your boyfriend will enjoy this one, a perfect stocking stuffer.

7. Tamarac Slippers – $37.99

Guys may not buy slippers en masse, but everyone likes a warm pair of slippers. That’s a fact.

8. The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia Of Existing Information – $12

Everyone loves the Onion, but this is best reserved for a boyfriend with that sarcastic sense of humor.

9. Retro Portable Gaming System Plays NES, SNES Games – $99.99

Play all your favorite regular Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on this amazing portable gaming machine. Someone in your family is bound to enjoy this trip to nostalgia.

10. For a Clean Gentleman, a Variety of Soaps and Shaving Products – $48


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