Best Christmas Presents for Girls 2013: Top 10 Gifts for Gals

Here’s 10 varied presents for the ladies this Xmas 2013. From beauty, comfort and kitchen, to pampering galore. These gifts will bring the Christmas joy.

1. Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit – $10.39

Burt’s Bees makes legendary care product. This kit will keep any gal’s cuticles content.

2. Sephora Gift Card – Name Your Price

Sephora is the Apple of make-up, or something like that. Everyone loves this high class make-up mart.

3. Spa in a Basket – $59.95

Bathing products are just a plain great idea. Nothing like a bubble bath!

4. Aloha Island Kona and Kona Blend Coffee Gifts for Christmas –$48.96

Premium coffee is a girl’s best friend on cold December mornings.

5. Aromatherapy Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler – $25.65

Aromatherapy is basically nice candles on a higher, therapeutic level. Everyone likes them, but only women have the guts to admit it.

6. Nora Ephron Books – $10.92

Nora Ephron is a hilarious comedian known for her work that is gal-oriented. This is one of her most famous books.

7. Bamboo Gift Basket – $49.95

These basket is characterized as “spicy” and “warm,” what’s not to like?

8. Jewelry Holder – $8.59

Practical and convenient, this jewelry holder is perfect for the burgeoning jewelry enthusiast.

9. Cooking Omni-tool Can Cut, Work as a Spoon Spatula, Etc – $7.99

A bit drab and practical, but this thing comes in handy for any girl who likes to cook.

10. Happy Man Bottle Stopper – $8.31

Silly and offensive, but this one is great for a quick laugh.