The Top 10 Best (Mostly) Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Getting people the right thing for Xmas can be difficult, here’s some ideas that will make your Christmas presents come to life with simplicity and that extra bit of the unforgettable.

1. Cash and a Clever Card

No one likes to admit it, but cash is really an ideal gift. Sure, it’s a bit “raw,” but look, it’s cash. No one is unhappy to receive, and no one ever will be. If this person doesn’t need cash, then skip it and make them or get them a clever card. Simple as that!


2. Instagram Painting – $40

While we tried to stick to cheap gifts, this one is a must-mention. For $40 you can get a painting made of someone’s Instagram. What an awesome compliment, and it’s unforgettable! A must for even the vaguely photography enthused.


3. A Silly Video With Some Thought Behind It

Free and easy to do, put some thought into a funny video and make it for a friend. Hard to disagree with such earnest care, and it shows you put time into it rather than USD.


4. Favor Coupons

An IOU of favors is a great way to promise someone your time and not your dollars. It’s fun, friendly, and cheap. Plus you can throw an expiry on these for some added fun.


5. A Mixtape

A throwback to times of old, collecting some music for a friend or lover is truly touching and fun for both parties.


6. Bake or Cook Something

Food can seem cheap or boring, but if you deliver it hot (or cold), it’s exciting and has immediate results. A ton of fun and very cheap.


7. Soap Their Car With Holiday Greetings (But Clean It Off Later Too)

This is a prank, but it’s light enough. Everyone likes the added attention and conversation that will be had related to why their car is covered in “Merry Xmas” messages and the like.


8. Plan a Day Out

Nothing beats a well-planned day, give the gift of a sick schedule this Xmas and someone will know that an awesome and well thought out 24 hours awaits them.


9. Surprise Party

Give the gift of people this Xmas, have some of your friends’ buddies show up out of nowhere. FUnny and an instant good time!


10. Give Them a Massage

Another super simple thing that everyone just plainly likes! Just go for it, no one in their right mind turns down a massage.


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