Flaming-Shot Burn Victim: 10 Photos of Her Road to Recovery [NSFW]

Imgur-user buhbee94 of Vancouver, Canada became an unexpected Internet "sensation" when she posted photos of herself after an accident involving a specialty, on-fire bar shot. Along with the graphic images, she posted a warning: don't take these shots. It seems keen advice after viewing these pictures; her road to recovery has been long and painful. Accompanied are photos of her after the accident and months later, with explanations provided by her.

Some of you may remember me as the 'flaming shot girl'. A year ago today I got peer pressured (very bad excuse) into doing a flaming shot. As I went to blow the flame out I blew too hard and the shot splashed back on me and lit my face and chest on fire, at this moment I dropped the rest of the shot on my chest.
Over the past few months I have gotten quite a few messages from fellow imgurians asking how my recovery has been going. It's been exactly one year since my injuring and here are some progression photos of my recovery. — buhbee94