The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

The Super Bowl is today, and what else is everybody waiting to watch besides the Big Game? The commercials!
We’ve compiled 10 of the best SUper Bowl commercials from its 48-year history.
So sit back and watch some of the best advertisements in history.
Fun fact: did you know that this year alone, a 30-second Super Bowl spot costs $4 million?

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10. Betty White Snickers Bar, 2010

Snickers Betty White Super Bowl Commercial 2010What do you think of this commercial from Snickers? Let us know in the comments.2011-12-09T21:22:15.000Z

9. Budweiser Zebra, 2004

Budweiser 2004 – Zebra OfficialBudweiser spoofs the "zebra" referee in this Super Bowl commercial classic.2013-01-29T21:55:09.000Z

8. Coca Cola Mean Joe Green, 1980

Mean Joe Green Superbowl Ad- 1980Usually at the top of "Best Superbowl Ads" lists. Fun and heartwarming. A Classic2007-02-04T13:13:39.000Z

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7. Budweiser Frogs, 1995

1995 Super Bowl Commercial "Bud" "Weis" "er"Budweiser's 1995 Super Bowl XXIX "Frogs" ad in swamp2009-01-26T15:16:39.000Z

6. Volkswagen Darth Vader Kid, 2011

VideoVideo related to the top 10 super bowl commercials of all time2014-02-02T09:16:21-05:00

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5. Monkeys, 2006

Career Builder Monkeys Super Bowl XL CommercialCareer Builder scores again this year. If it wasn't a classic rule of advertising before, it should be now: you can't go wrong with monkeys in business attire.2007-01-30T12:51:56.000Z