WATCH: Moscow Man Drives 20 Hours to Sochi to Rescue 11 Stray Dogs

Russia’s planned extermination of the stray dogs in Sochi has upset a Moscow man enough that he put his money where his mouth is.
Everyone meet Igor Airapetyan, Russian Orthodox Patron Saint of Dogs, who drove 990 miles from Moscow to Sochi to rescue 11 homeless dogs.
In an interview translated by Radio Free Europe, Airapetyan told the news company:

The Olympics have always been a symbol of peace, wars have been halted for the duration of the Olympics. But in Russia, the Olympics are built on blood… I went there [Sochi] not only to pick up these 11 dogs but also to draw attention to this issue, to rally people and get them organized. In the future, I would like to unite animal-protection groups so people can act in a consolidated manner with joint information resources.

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This guy is amazing. We need more like him.
He plans on finding the pups loving homes in Moscow.

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