WATCH: How to Open a Beer with a Magnet & a Quarter

Don't have a bottle opener No problem Grab a quarter and a magnet lol…Don't have a bottle opener No problem Grab a quarter and a magnet lol…2014-02-10T02:30:55.000Z

This Instagram video has been making the rounds on Facebook, allegedly showing a man opening a beer bottle by using a refrigerator magnet and a quarter.
Cool, right? Well, only if it works…

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Unfortunately, the consensus is that the trick doesn’t work and it’s a troll video. YouTube users who tried the trick reported:

I just tried it and it didn’t work… but that’s probably a good thing because it’s 8 in the morning and I would had to have drank it, which would make me an alcoholic. 

Ryan Root

SFX for the water vapor coming out of the bottle when it is opened, so it doesn’t even look real, because it looks like a puff of smoke… Also it looks like the cap was pulled to the side with some thin string, rather than popped off. Such fake.

Eric Martineau

However, one contrary fellow who claimed he was a physics major reported:

physics major here, it works…you guys might want to try a stronger magnet, u also have to hit it fast enough, watch his technique one more time


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