Marvel Hotties: 10 Facts About Comic Book Movie Actresses & Their Characters

Natalie Portman is Jane Foster

Fun fact: Jane Foster was in the world's worst love triangle for many years. She was madly in love with a Dr. Blake, but little did she know at the time that Dr. Blake was Thor's human alias. Thor wanted to reveal his true identity to Jane many times but Odin always forbade it. Thor eventually defied his father and revealed himself to Jane. Odin agreed to let them marry if Jane could prove her worthiness. Odin gave Jane all the powers of an Asgardian god, which proved too much for her to handle. She requested to go back to Earth and so Odin sent her back with amnesia, blocking out any memory of her time as a god. Currently she is in a relationship with a regular man and has been diagnosed with breast cancer :(

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