Marvel Hotties: 10 Facts About Comic Book Movie Actresses & Their Characters

Halle Berry is Storm

Fun fact: Storm, while not a founding member of the X-Men, has been around nearly just as long. Born in New York, but moved to Africa at a young age, her power to control the weather made the locals revere her as a goddess. Since Charles Xavier found her and convinced her to join the X-Men, her life has been one big adventure after another. She has done battle in space, survived a mutant massacre or two, lead the X-Men, joined the Avengers, and now currently leads The Jean Grey School which was founded by Wolverine. In that time she also became the Queen of Wakanda, marrying the King - Black Panther. Although deeply in love, the marriage ended in divorce during the events of Avengers Vs. X-Men as the couple found themselves on opposite ends of the battle. She now likes to make out with Wolverine.

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