WANTED: $160,000 to Attend Harvard University as Impersonator [PHOTO]



This ad posted on Craigslist Pittsburgh is making waves on Reddit’s front page.

In it, a Pittsburgh area male who has been accepted into Harvard University is looking for another man to attend Harvard for him.

Qualifications include: a 4.0 high school GPA or a 3.5 university GPA to get hired. Also you must be male, as the ad poster has a masculine name.

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If you qualify and are selected, you will get $40k a year, plus an extra $10k bonus upon graduation. Of course, this is all under a non-disclosure agreement.

Reddit users sounded off about the ad under the header, “It’s so stupid it might just work”:

If this guy has enough money to pay Harvard tuition and the salary of his impersonator, why the heck does he need a degree?

Pretty solid deal. I’d take it. School was never difficult.

Indeed. 4 years of Ivy League study and you actually are getting paid 170k to do it? I’m sure there are many people out there that would do it if it weren’t for the risk of, you know, fraud.

What do you think?