Jerome Jarre, Vine Star: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jerome Jarre is a 23-year-old French business school dropout who is known for his charismatic smile and outgoing personality. Jerome is most famous for his candid 6 second interactions with New York City strangers. He has made it his mission to spread a crazy, life-loving attitude anywhere he goes.

1. Jerome Appeared on The Ellen Show

Jarre sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about some of the craziness that comes with making his Vines. Jarre dished to Ellen about one incident where a truck driver chased him with a baseball bat because he didn’t like that Jarre woke him up for one of his videos.

2. Jerome Makes A Lot of Vines Where He Talks To Squirrels

If you watch the above Vine, it seems like Jarre has a strange squirrel-whispering ability that he loves to share with his followers.

He even sometimes gets attacked by the squirrels he tries to interact with …

3. Jerome Jarre Co-founded A Talent Agency For Vine Stars

Jerome Jarre is the co-founder of Grapestory, which is a talent agency for Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat stars. These Vine stars get payed to integrate ads into their posts in a creative and engaging way. The three companies that Grapestory has partnered with so far are Virgin Mobile, Aquafina flavorsplash, and General Electric. Grapestory has had a lot of success and bumped Auqafina Color Splash up to the number three drink on Vine.

According to NY Mag:

a Vine star, earns $4,166 per second when he makes a branded video for companies like Virgin Mobile or MTV—$25,000 for a full six seconds… (Its lowest-paid talent makes $4,000 a video.)

4. Jerome Has a Second Vine Account Called HUMANS

Jerome’s new Vine account is based on one question: “What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?” He asks this question to random strangers and records their 6 second answers using the Vine app. He already has 307.3K with only 23 posts so far.

5. Jerome Got To Rub Elbows With A-Listers On The 2014 Oscars Red Carpet

According to Tube Filter:

Jarre’s Vine updates were a little more singular, as he used his talent for bothering people in public to create Vines where he bothered celebrities in public. His best one features Pharrell Williams, who can’t help but give the camera shifty eyes when accosted by a singing French dude.

Jarre and fellow Viner Marcus Johns were on the red carpet as social media consultants for Fandango this year. Jarre was hilarious and showed no boundaries when interacting with the stars, he even gave Mario Lopez a Wet Willy.

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