Cody Johns, Vine Star: 5 Fast Facts you Need to Know

Cody Johns is a 24-year-old aspiring actor who has acquired a huge following as a Vine star. Johns now has 2 million followers on Vine and this number is growing every day.

1. Cody Started a Company Called “Niche” to Help Social Media Stars

Cody is one of the founders of Niche, a company that connects social media stars to companies who want to take their advertising to the next level. Niche’s goal is to “professionalize” ones social media presence. Niche has currently reached over 550,000,000 people and is continuing to grow. In fact, Cody was on CNN to discuss Niche and how it works with Vine.

Niche describes itself as this:

Niche creators generate heightened buzz, post incredible content, and develop a loyal and lasting audience. It’s the dynamic power of the social web, harnessed and tailored for you.

2. Alexys Martinez Is His Fiancee

We have bad news for all of his female fans … Cody Johns is taken. Johns has publicized his relationship with Alexys by constantly instagramming and tweeting about her. She does the same for him in return. Although Alexys is not famous like Cody, she has appeared in some of his Vines.

The above tweet was from before Johns proposed to Martinez.

3. He Modeled For American Eagle’s Back-to-School Campaign

Johns’ good looks serve him as he scored a modeling gig with American Eagle. American Eagle has also partnered with Vine star Brittany Furlan and her dogs for their new dog clothing line.

4. He Is Very Religious

Cody and his brother Marcus, another Vine star, are faithful Christians. Though Cody is not as vocal about his religion as his younger brother, he still makes it clear that his faith comes before most everything in his life.

5. Singing Is a Talent of His

Cody’s brother Marcus directed and recorded this video of Cody singing.

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