Cody and Marcus Johns: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cody and Marcus Johns are a pair of goofy brothers who are taking over Vine. These handsome bros have 6.7 million Vine followers combined and this number is always growing.

1. They Don’t Let Vine Come Between Them

In the interview above, the Johns brothers admit that friendly competition is a part of their everyday life. But, these close-knit brothers don’t let their online popularity result in sibling rivalry or come between their relationship. They continue to support each other even though Marcus beat out Cody with 4.7 million followers, while Cody has 2 million. Cody seems to have nothing but praise to offer his Vine protege bro.

Cody bragged about his brother to Huffington Post Live:

I just think that people have seen 22 minutes of Marcus Johns, only, and look at what has happened… its just amazing

Marcus’ Vines, at that point, only added up to 22 minutes of footage. Cody continues to complement and respect his brother’s success.

2. The Johns Brothers Have a Sister

Cody and Marcus are not the only kids in the Johns family. Their sister, Shelby, is the youngest out of all the Johns’ and she is musically gifted. She posts a lot of videos on Instagram and Vine and she has 22.3K Vine followers. This may have something to do with her brothers’ popularity …

3. Cody Was The First One to Join Vine

Marcus revealed Huffington Post:

Cody was the first person to get on Vine. He was posting stuff on Vine, it was this new app. And he texted me, called me, and said Marcus, dude, you really need to get on Vine because I think you’d be really good for it

Cody recognized that Marcus’s goofy and crazy personality would shine on Vine, so he introduced his little bro to the app. Little did he know that Marcus would become one of the most popular stars on this 6-second video platform, with Cody not too far behind.

4. They Are Both Devout Christians

Cody and Marcus are both extremely religious. Their Vine profiles both read “Jesus 1st” and they frequently tweet scripture to praise Jesus. Their fans don’t seem to mind their religious posts at all. As long as the boys are still funny and cute, their fans aren’t going anywhere.

5. Marcus And Cody Frequently Make Vines Together

Even though the brothers have two separate accounts, most of their videos feature each other. Cody also frequently films Vines for Marcus and visa versa. They also post each other’s Vines to gain further exposure and likes.

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