PHOTO: Feeling Lucky? Ride This Elevator

shuffle, elevator buttons, otis


Feeling lucky? Check out this amazing elevator with a “shuffle” button.

Redditor maize_on_the_cob shared this cool photo and immediately ever replied, assuming it would do this:

elf gif, elevator


Unfortunately, a smarter Reddtor GhostOfPluto had to ruin all the fun. As he explains, the elevator is an Otis elevator and:

The Shuffle button is used only by Otis Technicians when they need to change the placement of the lower/upper deck elevators. It allows them to safely board the lower deck car top from the main lobby. A special code is required from the Elevator management system to allow shuffle operation to be activated.” Keep in mind that the elevators in question are double-decked and serve two floors at once.

But we like our imagination’s version much better.

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