Gavyn Edlinger: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Family Dollar store manager Gavyn Edlinger became famous overnight after a video of him spraying Febreze in an alleged shoplifter’s face went viral. The fiasco happened in Saginaw, Michigan, last Wednesday and has become hugely popular in the Twittersphere. You can watch the footage above.

Here’s what you should know about the man behind the mayhem.

1. He Was Fired 6 Days After the Confrontation

Gavyn, 32, told TMZ that he was canned six days after the fiasco. He described the situation as an unfortunate scene and said the mother of one of the girls called to apologize about what happened.

2. He Says His Co-Workers Were Jealous & Ratted Him Out to Management

In a Skype interview with TMZ on Tuesday, Edlinger was asked whether his higher-ups who fired him were aware of the YouTube video before it went viral. He replied:

Oh, ya. Oh, ya. There were a lot of jealous co-workers that were upset with how fast I moved up in the company. Um, so, yeah, it was brought to their attention that evening.

3. He Doesn’t Regret Spraying the Victim

Girl blind febreze incident, dollar store manager febreze


When asked whether he regrets spraying the woman in the eyes with Febreze, Gavyn said he really doesn’t. He’s a hardworking guy, and worked hard to get to his managerial position. He does say, though, that he would never want to bring harm to anyone:

I don’t regret it! Girl you needed some Febreze!

He humorously ended the video by saying he hopes Febreze hires him for a commercial.

4. The Company Didn’t Care That He Tried to Defend the Store

While most responses to the video were people tweeting about how funny it is, some people were disappointed that the Family Dollar franchise didn’t stand up for their employee who was just doing his job.

In the interview with TMZ, he’s asked whether he made the case that he was trying to defend the store in confronting the shoplifter. He says that he definitely did, but his managers didn’t care:

They basically let it be known that they didn’t care, and that it is their policy to not ever stop a shoplifter.

According to store regulation, Edlinger was merely supposed to call the police, but he said cops never show up to the area where the store’s located.

5. Gavyn Didn’t ‘Give a F***’ That the Woman in the Car Was Pregnant

Febreze store owner fight


In the infamous video, Edlinger scolds the woman for being so rude to him in front of the child in the car. “How dare you teach those kids to scream at your elders!” We can’t exactly make out what the woman is screaming back at the manager, but it doesn’t sound pretty.

After the fight escalates and Gavyn loses his temper — screaming “I’m crazy!” — the girl in the driver’s seat gets out of the car and storms up to him, yelling that the other woman in the car is pregnant. Gavyn doesn’t seem to be concerned with this and screams “I don’t give a f***, I will whoop your ass!”