Janelle Ambrosia: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Janelle Ambrosia

Janelle Ambrosia is the racist mom and stripper currently making news for a viral video that emerged on Wednesday. In it she is filmed calling an African American man the “N-word” for starting his car and “scaring her children.” Here’s what you need to know about her.

janelle ambrosia meme

1. She Describes Herself as a “Loud Mouth Italian”

On Janelle’s Twitter page, her bio says: Loud mouth Italian.
Furthermore, she says that her two children, Anthony and Jessica, are “her life.”
Anthony and Jessica can be seen in the background of the viral video. She tells the man filming the video that her kids are racist, too.

2. She’s Been Contacted by MTV

In lieu of the controversy surrounding the heinous video, Janelle claims MTV has contacted her.

3. She Appears to be Genuinely Racist

Some of her tweets include:

4. A Facebook Page has Been Set Up in Despise of Her

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 4.25.19 PM

The page has already garnered over 6,000 “likes.” Facebook “likers” of the page have taken to harassing her via phone:

Thanks everyone for the support of this page. This is what happens when you think you can get away with this stuff. I had her name when I first started this page. Within the first hour, people found out her phone number. Within the first 1 1/2 hours, people found out her address. I’m not supporting going to her house or calling her, but people are going to post your information if you do stuff like this. As someone previously stated in a comment I read…….. Welcome to the Cyber Age.

5. She’s Deleted Her Facebook


She’s deleted her Facebook, but these are the last posts she shared screencapped.


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Fact number 6- she’s a piece of shit and so are you for stretching out her 15 min


Your “facts” are pretty terrible considering all those tweets are from a parody twitter account and NOT the actual person.

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