Kane Zipperman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kane Zipperman was just a normal 17-year-old from Canton, Georgia. He has recently shot into internet stardom because of a conversation with his now ex-girlfriend that he posted on Twitter, which went viral.

1. His First Claim to Fame Was When He Was Seen Wearing a Tiger Shirt in a Photo With Tiger Woods

According to Back Nine:

During the final round of last year’s Masters, you may have seen a peculiar (i.e. AWESOME) t-shirt behind Tiger Woods as he teed off on Augusta National’s 16th hole.

Kane became famous as “the Tiger shirt guy” and in his interview with Back Nine he made it clear that he is a sarcastic teen who loves the attention.

When asked where he found the famous tee, he responded:

Well I saw it at Walmart, and being the huge Tiger Fan that I am, it was love at first sight. I immediately thought of wearing it to the Masters and supporting the #1 Golfer in the world. Before I saw the shirt at Walmart, I didn’t believe in love at first sight. But afterwards, I believed in it 100%. Me and the tiger on the shirt made eye contact, and we just fell in love with each other. But yes, it is the same shirt. And yes I washed it…. I’m not that ratchet.

2. He Is Now Blowing Up The Internet Again Because of Texts He Had With His Cheating Girlfriend

This is just one of the pictures Kane posted of his conversation with his ex-girlfriend. Kane responded to all of her texts with witty comebacks and internet memes. This got a huge response from the Twitter world and it began to go viral.

According to Mail Online:

Since posting the conversation on his Twitter @KaneZipperman has received over 71,762 re-tweets and 90,434 favorites.

3. There Has Been a Ton of Twitter Backlash Against Kane

Many people on Twitter think that Kane is an attention-hungry jerk who is exploiting his ex online. This may be true, but Kane has one good comeback that cant really be argued with. “Cheaters get no love.”

4. Kane Was The Salutatorian at His High School Graduation

Kane’s graduation speech was just as you would expect. It was a funny testament to his high school years that left people laughing while he pushed boundaries with his words. In his speech, he quotes “Ferris Bueller,” John Stamos, and Big Sean to name a few. The speech is being posted all over Twitter idolizing Kane and his sense of humor.

5. He Is Famous World-Wide

It isn’t just the United States that gets to be bombarded with Kane Zipperman news. His internet fame is spreading throughout the world! He did what everyone wants to do to their cheating ex and now he is worshiped by many. He even called himself the Martin Luther King of people who were cheated on.


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