WATCH: Muslim Man on Airplane Screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ Prayer

YouTube-user bledgeman was on a flight sleeping when he woke up to loud screaming.

It turned out to be a Muslim man performing one of his prayers, which was fine except for the decibel level that the man did it at.

The flight was on its way to the Philippines.

Fellow Muslims on Reddit sounded off against the man’s prayer methods, saying:

As a Muslim I must say this man is an idiot. Not only is what this man doing disrespectful, its also wrong. When a person is traveling long distances your prayer and fasting is not mandatory and can be made up post arrival. Considering the fact that he is supposed to be facing mekkah his prayer wont even count while he is traveling.

s a shitty Muslim in an extremely religious family. This person is an obnoxious asshole. Never seen anything like that.