WATCH: Carjacker Brought Down by Police on Colorado Highway

A carjacker was apprehended after a wild chase that involved multiple carjackings.

According to The Denver Post:

The series of events began about 2:40 p.m. when a sheriff’s deputy stopped a man and woman acting suspiciously while driving a white Ford Crown Victoria that appeared to be an unmarked patrol car, said spokeswoman Jacki Kelley.

The car sped off as the deputy returned to his car to check the driver’s information.

The couple then ditched their car and carjacked a Subaru Outback at gunpoint from a couple at Lookout Mountain, where famous rodeo man Buffalo Bill is buried.

They then ditched the Outback and stole a pickup truck from a nearby country club.

Helicopters arrived and the couple ditched the car and headed into the woods. They got split up and the woman, who turned out to be a minor, was apprehended.

The man then broke into a home, stole another car, crashed it, and found himself on Interstate 70. Police arrived and took him down.

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