WATCH: ‘Fox & Friends’ Looks for Transgender Hate in Segment

Steve Doocy, a Fox & Friends reporter, was doing a segment on Illinois State University’s decision to switch the term for “family restroom” on their campus to “all-gender”… a story only they decided would be worthy enough to report on.

Per the Fox News website:

The new signage for the restrooms will include the traditional male and female figures, as well as a half-male and half-female figure, which is the “new international accessibility symbol for transgenders,” according to Michael Shane McCreery, ISU’s Director and Ethics Officer in the Office of Equal Opportunity Ethics and Access.

While looking for a way to belittle the progressive university and promote transphobia, Steve Doocy decided to hit the NYC streets and interview a few tourists by asking them what they thought the new sign’s symbol represented.

Unfortunately for Doocy, the first person he interviewed—a kid with a southern drawl—gives him an answer he doesn’t like: the truth.

“Maybe a family restroom?” the kid answers Doocy.

Exactly right, kiddo. Unfortunately for Doocy, he didn’t get the answer the producers wanted. So he decides to pull an Inception and dig deeper into douchebaggier.

It’s cringe-worthy at its best.

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