WATCH: Comcast Puts Customer on Hold Until They Closed

Comcast put me on hold until they closedI've had a lot of people ask why I would stay on hold so long: I'm not the first person I've heard have this happen to. I refused to hang up as I was going to give them any reason to keep my service active. There would be no "well you did hang up before we could get to you," nonsense. I had been attempting to get service technician out from Aug 21st through August 5th. I'd had 3-4 service calls scheduled, all of them no calls no shows, and no reason as to why they can't get the service done. At this point I was trying to cancel service. I was transferred to the "retention" department at 7:17pm. I'm uploading this video at 10:19pm Jump cut was to remove where my phone number was visible. sorry.2014-08-12T03:20:17.000Z

Add Aaron Spain to the growing list of unsatisfied Comcast customers trying to cancel their services.

Spain shared his frustrating ordeal on YouTube and the video got picked up on Reddit.

In it, Spain is on hold with Comcast for more than 3 hours, then calls Comcast on another phone. After going through the ropes to get ahold of a Comcast employee on the second phone, he’s informed that the offices are now closed. All the while, his original phone call contains to remain on hold.

Uh, hello?

This comes after Comcast overcharged a customer then openly admitted that the only reason why the refunded the customer was because the customer stated he recorded the phone call.

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