Fire Challenge: The Shocking Videos You Need to See

Above is a compilation video of people partaking in “the fire challenge.”

What is the point of the fire challenge? New York Daily News reports:

It seems the point of the challenge is to spray a small amount of flammable liquid like alcohol or perfume on an area of the body and light it on fire for a few moments… Accidents seem to happen if too much liquid is spread or they are unable to extinguish the flame quickly enough.

Already there have been injuries reported in this game of self-immolation.

One teenager in Los Angeles, Fernando Valencia, tried his hand at the fire challenge and was severely burned. He told ABC News:

“You just see fire, you can’t really see nothing,” he said. “Since I saw other people fail, I thought I could do the same thing but actually last longer under the flame … I can’t really say nothing else besides it was a dumb idea.”

Other partakers of the fire challenge have been hospitalized throughout the country.

So kids, if you’re gonna pour liquid all over yourself, stick to the water and soap challenge.

Or if you really feel the urge to do something stupid, do the cinnamon challenge. Because at least that can’t result in multiple skin grafts.

cinnamon challenge


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What a bunch of idiots!! Their combined IQ is probably less than that of a rat!

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