PHOTO: Earth’s Sky if Jupiter Were as far Away as the Moon

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What would earth’s sky look like if Jupiter were a close as the moon?

While the question has probably never crossed your mind, the answer is visually stunning.

And when Reddit-user mubinusprime started the discussion with GIF, others weighed in:

The gas giant would make it warmer around here unless we’d be farther from the sun. Also it has it’s own moons so they would also do some gravity stuff.
Super-strong tides anyhow.
edit: Several people mentioned radiation from Jupiter. And it would probably f*ck us up completely, so it wouldn’t be a very scary scenario… since we’d be dead.
— sheepyowl

We’d basically be another moon of jupiter, would be pretty funsies. Let’s go hang out on europa for lunch.
— hiredgoonthug

Whatever the case, it’s cool to imagine.

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