WATCH: Wesley Lowery Getting Arrested in Ferguson, Missouri

Wesley Lowery is the Washington Post reporter who got arrested in McDonald’s in Ferguson, Missouri.

Reporters had been gathering in the fast food restaurant because it was a few blocks away from the scene of Michael Brown’s shooting. Also there are power outlets and free WiFi.

But on Wednesday, armed police officers raided the restaurant asking for identification.

They approached Wesley Lowery and Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, who gave the officers their identification. The officers then left, but returned to harass the journalists some more.

They then told them to leave.

Watch what happens when Lowery takes out his camera to record the ensuing confrontation.

It ends with the arresting of journalists.


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Another idiot with a camera crying injustice all the while attempting to provoke a reaction from the officer.


Every time there is a mass incident the police really don’t know how to respond. I believe it’s a training issue and not a “power trip” issue. Remember most police are or trained by ex-military. The cheapest equipment training is through GSA , funded by the Homeland Security and is quasi-military. I point to the Danziger Bridge shootings. The police were responding as if it was the end of days not a controllable event with legal consequences at the “end of the day” I suspect future training will be modeled as a result of the legal results of these recent events and cover restraint.

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